Why Market6

Retailers today have access to massive amounts of data. But is all this data really helping improve day-to-day operations in tangible ways? Is it delivering real business impact?

The problem: Until Market6®, there hasn’t been a retail analytics solution designed for the realities of everyday retail operations. One that allows retailers to collaborate more closely with their supplier partners to quickly see, interpret and respond to fast-changing supply and demand dynamics for every product, in every store, every day.

Traditional approaches to sophisticated analytics have been too complicated, too hard to use and too expensive. What has been missing is an analytics solution that truly aligns with the workflow and business needs of the operational decision-makers.

Enter Market6® which is focused on delivering powerful analytics to improve business processes in a simple, affordable, business process-based manner so that retailers and suppliers of all sizes can use and enjoy the significant benefits.

Market6® provides web-based retail applications with advanced analytics built in to effortlessly guide business users to smarter, faster, proactive decisions and actions for improved performance every day. These retail-focused applications are designed with a deep understanding of retail workflows and the time-critical situations the world of retail dishes up every day. Market6® is the perfect solution for frontline retail merchants and supplier key account teams that need to improve collaboration, planning, and execution and act on data with complete confidence.

Collaborative Retail Applications

Collaborative Retail Applications

Brings retailers and suppliers together for seamless collaboration.

Market6’s easy-to-use applications serve as a centralized platform for enhanced retailer and supplier collaboration.  They provide a single, fact-based view of the business along with a shared set of tools, analytics and workflows  to help retailers and suppliers work more closely together to improve joint merchandising efficiency and effectiveness. 
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Updated Daily

Predictive Analytics Built In

Forward-looking, complete data. Get actionable insights in time to take action.

Market6® applications have predictive analytics built in to give retailers and suppliers the actionable insights they need to optimize merchandising plans and execution as part of everyday operations. Updated nightly, these advanced analytics provide forward-looking insights that allow retail operations to fine-tune and optimize end-to-end execution down to the store/item level every day.
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Shared View

High-Performance, Big Data-Ready Analytic Platform

A powerful data processing and analytics engine under the hood.

At the heart of Market6® applications is our powerful analytic platform that cleans, maps and integrates disparate data, providing easy access to the foundational data that powers your business. Learn More

Big Data Ready

Software as a Service

Gives business users easy, real-time access to critical data.

Market6’s unique SaaS delivery model gives business users direct anytime, anywhere access to the critical data they need. It is fast and easy to deploy, and there is no up-front hardware or software to buy, install or maintain. Learn More

Software as a Service

Retail and Analytics Expertise

Access best-in-practice retail analytics based on decades of experience.

Market6® was developed by retail and analytics experts and has industry best-practice metrics and processes embedded in the solution.
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