Market6 Vantage

By dramatically simplifying joint merchandising collaboration, Market6 Vantage® makes it possible for more retailers and suppliers to work more closely together to achieve their mutual goals.

When retailers and suppliers collaborate to deliver shopper-centric merchandising plans, everybody wins.

The problem is that true collaboration — in which retailer and supplier teams work in lockstep and use shared analytics to inform and improve critical business processes such as Joint Business Planning (JBP) — is very difficult, time-consuming and resource-intensive.  As a result, it has remained beyond the grasp of most retailers. Until now.

Market6 Vantage® is a suite of retail analytic applications that automate and standardize the entire planning and evaluation process — from the analysis of past results through planning and execution — and provide the data-sharing, analytics and workflow tools it takes to develop smarter plans, to sharpen executional performance and to elevate shopper satisfaction.


  • Automates and standardizes Joint Business Planning
  • Creates smarter, more accurate plans
  • Integrates and improves execution

By dramatically simplifying joint merchandising collaboration, Vantage makes it possible for more retailers and suppliers to work more closely together to achieve their mutual goals.

Market6 Vantage: The Engine for JBP

By simplifying and enhancing collaboration across all stages of retail planning and execution, Market6 Vantage® opens the door for retailers and suppliers to drive vastly improved results.

Market6 Vantage

Market6 Vantage Insight Module

Vantage Insight Module

Lets retailers and suppliers work together around a single, complete set of merchandising data enriched by analytics — “one version of the truth” — to analyze and evaluate past performance.

  • Automates data collection & integration
  • Establishes a single, fact-based view of the business — “one version of the truth”
  • Provides analytic-enriched planning measures

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Market6 Vantage Plan Module

Vantage Plan Module

Automates the planning process and the development of merchandising plans for future time periods based on best practices and forward-looking collaborative planning tools.

  • Centralizes and standardizes the planning process based on best practices
  • Enables real-time retailer/supplier collaboration — share information, notes, feedback, etc.
  • Provides ability to run simulations based on predictive modeling
  • Outputs to a shared execution action plan

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Market6 Vantage Evaluate Module

Vantage Evaluate Module

Gives execution teams the real-time information and tools they need to proactively manage to the plan every day.

  • Tracks and reports on in-flight execution daily — at item/store/day level
  • Provides detailed progress reports against goals
  • Identifies issues and opportunities so you can course-correct earlier

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