Market6 Vantage

Introducing Market6 Vantage™, a revolutionary new suite of retail analytic applications that automate and standardize the entire collaborative joint merchandising process.

When retailers and suppliers collaborate to deliver shopper-centric merchandising plans, everybody wins.

The problem is that true collaboration — in which retailer and supplier teams work in lockstep and use shared analytics to inform and improve critical business processes such as Joint Business Planning (JBP) — is very difficult, time-consuming and resource-intensive.  As a result, it has remained beyond the grasp of most retailers. Until now.

Market6 Vantage™ is a suite of retail analytic applications that automate and standardize the entire planning and evaluation process — from the analysis of past results through planning and execution — and provide the data-sharing, analytics and workflow tools it takes to develop smarter plans, to sharpen executional performance and to elevate shopper satisfaction.

By dramatically simplifying joint merchandising collaboration, Vantage™ makes it possible for more retailers and suppliers to work more closely together to achieve their mutual goals.

Market6 Vantage: The Engine for JBP

By simplifying and enhancing collaboration across all stages of retail planning and execution, Market6 Vantage™ opens the door for retailers and suppliers to drive vastly improved results.

Market6 Vantage

Market6 Vantage Insight Module

Vantage™ Insight Module

Lets retailers and suppliers work together around a single, complete set of merchandising data enriched by analytics — “one version of the truth” — to analyze and evaluate past performance.

  • Automates data collection & integration
  • Establishes a single, fact-based view of the business — “one version of the truth”
  • Provides analytic-enriched planning measures

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Market6 Vantage Plan Module

Vantage™ Plan Module

Automates the planning process and the development of merchandising plans for future time periods, based on best practices and forward-looking collaborative planning tools.

  • Centralizes and standardizes the planning process based on best practices
  • Enables real-time retailer/supplier collaboration — share information, notes, feedback, etc.
  • Provides ability to run simulations based on predictive modeling
  • Outputs to a shared execution action plan

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Market6 Vantage Evaluate Module

Vantage™ Evaluate Module

Gives execution teams the real-time information and tools they need to proactively manage to the plan every day.

  • Tracks and reports on in-flight execution daily — at item/store/day level
  • Provides detailed progress reports against goals
  • Identifies issues and opportunities so you can course-correct earlier

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