Case Studies

Innovation - The Catalyst for Overall Wine Category Revitalization

A leading national grocer sought to capitalize on the extraordinary growth of the premium 3L Box Wine category and leverage that strength to the 1.5L section to add a potential several million dollars in additional revenue. Recognizing that one of its blue chip wine segments was in need of innovation, this grocer collaborated with a leading wine vendor who has pioneered the 3L boxed wine format to leverage their expertise on alternate packaging to provide their shoppers with what’s relevant today: sustainability, freshness, and portability to reinvigorate the segment. 

Out of Stock Reduction - Bread on Every Shelf in Commercial Bakery

This supplier's management team launched an initiative to further reduce their already low OOS rates by improving how they collectively report on, track and measure events across key parts of the business. The effort resulted in a 45% reduction in the number of OOS events for this supplier's items across all stores in the last 24 months.

Out of Stock Reduction - Finding and Fixing The Root Causes of OOSs in Adult Beverage

Out of stocks are always undesirable, but in the adult beverage category they can be particularly difficult to fix. Differing distribution regulations across geographies, limited cold case space, and dependence on distributors and store staff to implement frequent on-shelf restocking all make reducing out of stocks extra challenging. This supplier estimated a 5% cut in their out of stocks would equate to $1.5 million in added revenue for the grocer.