Case Studies

Inventory Optimization - Baby Formula Manufacturer Lower Day of Supply on Hand in DCs Without Hurting Service Levels To Stores



Last year a leading CPG in the infant formula, adult nutrition, and vitamin categories saved one of the key grocery customers more than $330,000 across all of the CPG’s brands by reducing average days of supply on hand by three days. The CPG did so by using analytics to improve its ordering and supply chain process and to better collaborate with its grocery partner.

Innovation - The Catalyst for Overall Wine Category Revitalization



In early 2014 a leading national grocer sought to capitalize on the extraordinary growth of the premium 3L Box Wine category and leverage that strength to the 1.5L section to add a potential several million dollars in additional revenue.
Recognizing that one of its blue chip wine segments was in need of innovation, this grocer collaborated with a leading wine vendor who has pioneered the 3L boxed wine format to leverage their expertise on alternate packaging to provide their shoppers with what’s relevant today: sustainability, freshness, and portability to reinvigorate the segment. 

The wine manufacturer worked with the grocer to develop a test of 1.5L boxed wine concept.