Collaborative Retail Applications

Enhances Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

Market6’s easy-to-use applications serve as a centralized platform for enhanced retailer and supplier collaboration. They provide a single, fact-based view of the business along with a shared set of tools, analytics and workflows to help retailers and suppliers work more closely together to improve joint merchandising efficiency and effectiveness.

Purpose-Built to Improve Day-to-Day Retail Execution

With Market6®, every day presents an opportunity to excel. Our retail applications are specifically designed to allow retailers and their supplier partners to optimize category management, supply chain management and promotions management. Each of our applications comes with built-in predictive analytics such as consumer demand forecasting, out-of-stock predictions, and promotional effectiveness as well as basic reporting, score carding, and exception-based reporting and alerts.

Creates a Single View of the Business, Gets Everyone on the Same Page

One of the biggest challenges retail organizations face is comparing information across multiple processes and business silos. Retailers and CPGs may also define their data or categories differently. Market6® addresses this problem by integrating data from multiple operational systems and reconciling differences in how information is stored across applications. The result: a completely transparent, consistent view of information for everyone involved, for any department.

Market6® provides a single view of the business. This ensures that all departments and partners are working with the same information and using the same reports — ultimately enabling better collaboration and communication to advance common goals.

All Needle. No Haystack.

Market6® applications help you focus on what’s important by pinpointing specific problem and opportunity areas to reveal specific actions that should be taken. They help you prioritize what matters most, based on the potential value to your business — so you can make more strategic decisions and act fast enough to shape future outcomes. With greater visibility and more control, you can be more proactive and respond more quickly to business needs in ways you never imagined.

Elevates & Standardizes Performance Across Teams

Market6® applications set the standard for retail analytics and can be beneficial to everyone involved. They’re easy for teams to adopt and follow for better standardization and help promote optimal behaviors across your teams in different categories.

Because Market6® applications embed advanced analytics as part of core business processes, it’s easy to extend the benefits across your operation, providing every category team with the tools and best practices necessary to reduce out of stocks, improve forecasting accuracy, and improve promotion design and new-product introduction effectiveness.