Predictive Analytics Built In

Effortlessly Incorporate Predictive Analytics Into Everyday Merchandise Planning & Execution

Analytics should save you work — not create more of it.  The complexities of data management and analysis should be invisible to users so they can get what they really need - new insights - without having to be experts at data crunching or analytic modeling.  Market6 applications have sophisticated, predicative analytics built in, allowing business users to effortlessly use analytic-driven insights as part of merchandise planning and execution.

Predictive Analytics Built In

It’s all about seeing tomorrow and acting today. How much of my products do my customers want, and when? How does that compare to my current inventory levels, assortments and promotional plans? More than ever, retail decision makers need insights that allow them to make better-informed decisions and take proactive action. But all too often, traditional approaches to retail analytics tell you only what happened in the past. And many retailers use forecasting models based on a relatively small set of past days.

Market6® applications are based on predictive modeling and a highly-sophisticated demand-driven forecast that incorporates more than 75 factors — including predictive drivers for upcoming demand fluctuations such as seasonality, exceptional events such as holidays, upcoming promotional events or day-of-the-week demand changes. These advanced analytics provide forward-looking insights that allow retail operations to fine-tune and optimize merchandising plans and end-to-end execution down to the store/item level every day.

And with Market6® the predictive analytics and optimization models are created automatically. We’ve taken the complexity out of the picture and neatly placed the number crunching behind the scenes. 

Complete, Forward-Looking Data — Updated Daily

Market6® applications provide comprehensive data, including inventory, loyalty, future pricing, promotions, new-item authorization, and direct-store delivery receipts. Plus, unlike other solutions, Market6® forecasts are recalculated daily and sometimes multiple times throughout the day. The result is an exceptionally accurate forecast of demand for each item in each store every day — and better decisions every day too.

Feed Analytics-Enriched Data to Other Internal Solutions

The Market6® advanced analytics platform creates an integrated set of foundational data enriched with advanced analytics. This is served up through Market6’s retail applications for specific business processes but is also available for you to tap into and leverage for other systems, with the ability to customize product and store views as well.