DemandView Category

DemandView Category™ extends the insights provided by DemandView Essential™ with detailed reporting on all aspects of category performance and predictive analytics. This allows you to identify exceptions in order to improve planning and decision making in daily category management business processes.

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Features & Benefits


Key Features
  • Highlight performance of grocer's business overall or within a specific department/ category/vendor or by division.
  • Highlight supplier's performance within the grocer overall, within each division or relative to competitors.
  • Quickly see how business is performing overall and easily drill into more detail about specific divisions, or suppliers.
  • Faster problem detection and resolution (e.g., underperforming products/stores, out of stocks, etc.)

New Product Tracker

Key Features
  • Monitors new items as they roll out, highlights distribution holes and new items that are not selling as expected.
  • Provides visibility into the sales dollars, stores selling and percentage of stores authorized for new items.
  • Identifies the percentage of stores that have received and reordered new items.
  • Enables more successful product introductions by tracking the penetration of new items into stores and allowing users to quickly identify and resolve problems preventing specific districts or stores from receiving and beginning to sell new items.

Headline Report

Key Features
  • Provides quick access to highly aggregated sales performance information.
  • Highlights year-over-year changes in dollar sales at the enterprise level, across divisions and across vendors.
  • Compares a supplier's actual sales with its sales goal for each of itstheir categories.
  • Provides top-level information on the frequency of out of stocks and sales of new items.
  • Quickly and easily identify, investigate, and respond to problems or opportunities that affect sales.

Current & Upcoming Promotions Report

Key Features
  • Summarizes current and upcoming promotions.
  • Highlights promotions scheduled to start in the coming weeks, including temporary price reductions (i.e., rollers).
  • Lists all items included in each promotion.
  • Enables better planning and control of orders, shipments and inventory to match the supply and demand of promotion items before, during and immediately following a promotion.
  • Increased promotional sales, reduced out of stocks during promotions, and better post- promotion inventory level control.
  • Better transparency and accountability on how trade dollars invested by supplier are driving actual promotion execution in stores.