DemandView Essential

DemandView Essential® is a reporting application that gives Kroger and suppliers the detailed information they need to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Built on a foundation of daily item/store-level sales and operational data, DemandView Essential® includes a rich library of turnkey reports for fast, simple reporting as well as ad hoc reporting tools for more detailed custom reports.

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Features & Benefits

Ad Hoc Reporting

Key Features
  • Customizable, web-based reporting that can focus on different time periods, products or stores at any level of detail – from total category or chain to individual item or store.
  • Anywhere access to your key operational data.
  • Quickly see sales for a group of products or drill down for more detailed information on which stores, items or time periods are driving overall sales levels or trends.

Turnkey Sales and Inventory Tracking

Key Features
  • Library of predefined sales and inventory reports including:
    • Store Inventory – Current store-level reporting for one or more items
    • Daily Sales Summary by Product/Store–Sales trend reporting and tracking by product or by store for full chain, at district level or across stores
  • Quickly access key information on product performance and insights into how key factors such as price, promotions, margins and inventory (across the category or warehouse and stores) are affecting results.

Category Management Analytics

Key Features
  • Scorecards, analytics and insights on the key levers,such as assortment, allocation, pricing, and space management, you can use to improve category sales. Includes:
    • Scorecards
    • Variety Optimization
    • Allocator
    • Daily Active Price Report
  • Understand how your category, brand or products are performing, and then make better decisions to improve results.
  • Analyze the relative contribution of each item of a category to make better assortment decisions.
  • Quickly create and share allocation plans between suppliers and retail category management teams.
  • Track the actual prices for all products in a category across stores and divisions.

Replenishment Analytics

Key Features
  • Reports that provide visibility into inventory, sales and on-shelf product availability in stores, in warehouses and throughout the supply chain, including:
    • Warehouse Inventory
    • Store Inventory
    • Shelf Scan
    • Scanned vs. Shipped
  • Get the information you need to make better ordering, shipment and inventory decisions.
  • Quickly understand recent inventory levels of one or more items within a warehouse.
  • Track shipments and scanned sales for individual items at the store level to identify potential store-level merchandising, shelf stocking, inventory management or ordering problems.

Promotion Analytics

Key Features
  • Reports and analytics on current and upcoming promotions and sales and margin impact of promotional events – as they occur or immediately following, including:
    • Current and Upcoming Promotions Report
    • Weekly Promotional Summary
    • Promotional Weekly Division/Store Item Detail
    • Promotional Shipped vs. Scanned
  • Improve promotion execution, increase promotional sales, reduceout of stocksduring promotions and exercise better post-promotion inventory level control.
  • Achieve better transparency and accountability on how trade dollars invested by supplier are driving actual promotion execution in stores.
  • Track which items were promoted each week, with what type of promotion and price point at the division level or within stores, and view the impact of each promotion on sales and margin.
  • Analyze the sales impact of including one or more items in weekly advertising and on display in stores during a given period.