DemandView Replenish

DemandView Replenish® extends the insights provided by DemandView Essential® with predictive analytics and exception reporting that help retailers and suppliers proactively identify and address supply chain issues to increase inventory efficiency and reduce out of stocks.

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Features & Benefits

DC and Store Product Review by Commodity

Key Features
  • Identifies items that have critically low or high inventory levels, based on specific thresholds used as indicators ofgeneral supply chain health.
  • Improve ongoing baseline supply chain efficiency, reduce excess inventory carrying costs, reduce spoilage and lower out of stocks.

Exception Reports – High & Low Inventory

Key Features
  • Alerts on items that exceedor fall below days-of-supply threshold, indicating excessive inventory or imminent out of stocks.
  • Rolls up daily store-level demand to DC level to pinpoint critically high inventory levels.
  • Eliminate excessive inventory to reduce inventory carrying costs and spoilage, improve the efficient use of DC space, and increase customer satisfaction through fresher product.
  • Reduce out of stocks, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction through better on-shelf product availability.

Current and Upcoming Promotions by DC

Key Features
  • Details active and upcoming promotions and which items are included for all stores serviced by a DC.
  • Has option for promotions view that includes distribution center and commodity.
  • Make better supply chain decisions for orders, shipments and inventory levels in DCs on promoted items to more precisely match supply to store-level promotional demand.
  • Reduce out of stocks on promoted items to maximize sales.

Promotion Management

Key Features
  • Combines store inventory, DC inventory and future sales forecasts for promoted items on a daily basis.
  • Provides projected store orders for promoted items for the next seven days, matched to current inventory and planned new shipments into DCs.
  • Details current balance on hand and average days of supply for promoted items in stores and DCs.
  • Highlights stores out of stock and above or below max or min target inventory levels for promoted items.
  • Maximize the impact of promotions by ensuring enough product is available in DCs to meet promotion-driven store demand.
  • Identify and resolve insufficient DC promotional inventory before it impacts sales.
  • Quickly adjust purchase orders upward to match increased sales over initial forecasts.
  • Inform "final buy" decision to help ensure that an optimal inventory level will remain post-promotion.