CPG Companies Balance Supply & Demand

Suppliers Create Strategic Partnerships using Data Driven Analytics

Market6® gives suppliers unprecedented access to the information and insights they need to develop strategic relationships with Kroger. Today, CPG companies are playing a more proactive role in merchandising, sales promotions and inventory optimization. They act as an extension of retail merchandising teams. With Market6, they use integrated data and analytics to solve product out of stock issues, better manage inventory and exit sales promotions cleanly.

Strategic Trading Partners

More than 1,200 suppliers distributing through traditional channels and direct store delivery are using Market6® to gain unprecedented visibility into all aspects of product performance in support of retail merchandising.

Traditionally, suppliers have had limited access to merchandising data and retail analytics. They could not measure product performance at a granular level – by store, item and day. They may know what shipped to the retailer's warehouse but after that, the data trail ends.

With Market6®, suppliers get direct access to Kroger data and analytics including data for store operations, merchandising, market share and shopper data. This allows suppliers to see much more than their own data. They see exactly how their products are performing with daily updates. The granularity of data provides them with unprecedented visibility into product performance by store, category, promotion and more.

Today, suppliers are much better prepared to offer new ideas and insights that help their partners. They support retail analytics by providing data driven analysis used to anticipate potential problems and take action before dollars are lost.

Kroger-supplier collaboration leverages the same set of shared data. Trading partners have a common view of the facts and collaborate to identify and pursue strategies that help achieve shared goals.

Ensure Proper Execution of New Item Introductions

With Market6®, supplier insights play a proactive role ensuring new products are available to customers during critical sales promotions. Account teams can access daily tracking data detailing which stores are authorized to carry new items, which have received product and which have scanned product through at checkout.

This allows them to pinpoint potential problems, target specific stores to ensure speed-to-shelf, and ultimately increase sales of new items. Incremental category sales and margins are the byproduct of this collaboration.

Play a More Proactive Role in Promotion Execution

Visibility into upcoming and in-flight promotions has always been a challenge for suppliers. You can't react if you don't know the facts. With Market6®, knowing which stores are running sales promotions, price points, replenishment levels and demand forecasts all provide the added visibility needed to support retailers.   Based on these inisghts, suppliers work with retailers to make decisions about logistics management and inventory optimization.

Market6® provides account teams access to information on upcoming promotions so they can deliver exactly the right amount of each promoted item to DCs in support of demand planning. There’s no more scrambling to adjust to changes at the last minute. For new promotions with no history, immediate access to performance is analyzed with inventory levels and days of supply leading to faster reaction time.

The result is far fewer products out of stock, better inventory levels and improved customer satisfaction.

More Accurate Demand Forecasting & Improved Inventory Optimization

Market6® helps Kroger accurately forecast demand so they can better size and time the flow of products into the warehouses and stores, allowing for better inventory management, fewer products out of stock and more satisfied shoppers.

Built from a retailers’ own daily item level sales and merchandising data, Market6 demand forecasts look beyond the DC to aggregate actual store level demand by product and day. With timely forecasts, both Kroger and supplier can visualize and anticipate merchandising and supply chain challenges before they happen.