Less Negotiate, More Collaborate

June 9, 2014
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By Jim Kelly
Grocers are under siege.

The grocery retail segment has changed dramatically in recent years, with capacity growing twice as fast as consumer demand, and shoppers increasingly buying more grocery items at drug, convenience, dollar and mass merchandising chains.

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Against this backdrop, grocery retailers are struggling to simultaneously achieve two goals. On one hand, they need to understand shoppers better than ever and use that insight to optimize every aspect of their business so as to attract, retain, grow, share and delight the right target mix of customers. On the other hand, grocery retailers need to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their operations so that they can fund shopper-centric investments in the business, while also improving profits to exceed shareholder’s expectations.

Collaboration With Suppliers Can Help Grocers Win

Closer and more strategic business collaboration between a retailer and their suppliers is an effective way to help grocers achieve the goal of delivering the ideal shopper experience, while also reducing costs and improving efficiency.

The problem is that today while most grocers and suppliers would like to improve and expand how they collaborate together, major roadblocks in the business process itself make any significant progress difficult. A closer look at these roadblocks shows where specific changes might allow everyone in the trading relationship to improve their business.

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