How is Market6 different from other providers of retail analytic solutions?

Retailers today have access to massive amounts of data. But is all this data really helping to improve day-to-day operations in tangible ways? Is it delivering real business impact?

Until Market6®, there hasn’t been a retail analytics solution designed for the everyday realities of everyday retail operations, one that allows retailers and their supplier partners to quickly see, interpret and respond to fast-changing supply and demand dynamics for every product, in every store, every day.

Traditional approaches to analytics are too complex and cumbersome to provide the time-sensitive critical data the fast-paced world of retail operations requires. What’s more, they’re not delivered in a way that helps optimize daily retail operations.

What’s missing is an analytics solution that truly aligns with the workflow and business needs of category managers, merchandisers, replenishment buyers, supply managers, brokers and store managers.   Enter Market6. We offer a different approach—and a new relationship with analytics — where retail data is current, easily accessed, and more importantly, actionable.

Market6® offers web-based retail solutions that come with advanced analytics built-in to effortlessly guide business users to smarter, faster proactive decisions and actions for improved performance every day. These retail-focused solutions  are designed with a deep understanding of retail workflows and the time-critical situations the world of retail dishes up every day. It’s the perfect solution for front line merchandising, supply chain and promotions teams who need to optimize execution and act on data with complete confidence.