The Market6 Retail Analytics Platform

Kroger-supplier collaboration only works when data integration, data transformation, and a high performance analytics engine are used to automatically create billions of predictive models against terabytes of data.  That’s what we do. 

Market6 does the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Our data integration and data transformation engine unify retail data, supplier data, market data and shopper data that power our retail analytics solutions.

Our cloud-based analytical engine effortlessly delivers operational intelligence used to solve problems in retail merchandising, inventory management, supply chain analysis and collaborative planning. Market6 data driven solutions stitch together key metrics from disparate systems allowing you to quickly make decisions for better category planning, sales promotion effectiveness and more. With the Market6 retail analytics platform, Kroger and suppliers can anticipate problems with out-of-stock products at the finest level of granularity. Increasing on shelf availability and shopper satisfaction is all part of the plan.

A Powerful Data Processing and Analytics Engine

Market6 Platform - Data integration and data transformation platform for retail analytics and predictive analytics. Unify retail data, supplier data, market data and shopper data.

Predictive Analysis, Demand Forecasting and Simulation

Market6 considers the entire range of retailer activity in our demand forecasting – for every store, every item and every day. We use demand signals at very fine levels of granularity and frequency to deliver forecasts and value added measures used to prioritize out-of-stock conditions, measure promotions, and improve retail merchandising. With hundreds of millions of forecast points derived every single day (and billions over the course of a year), retailers and suppliers now have the agility they need to improve collaboration.

Data Integration & Data Transformation Personified

Our analytical engine integrates data from retail operational systems, supplier data systems, market data and shopper data into a single, unified data set available through a web based collaborative workspace. Along the way, data is cleaned and aligned to reconcile differences from multiple business processes and operational systems. Market6 does the heavy lifting allowing your IT department to focus on other projects for your business.

Enriched Data, Broader Insights

Depending on your requirements, Market6 enriches your own data with external market data, weather data, social and demographic data, A broader perspective allows you to analyze influential factors that impact both the supply side and the demand side.

Ready Made Solutions for Kroger and CPG Companies

With over 1,200 customers, our product and engineering teams have already identified how you want to visualize and report on data. We created retail analytics solutions designed for your specific business focus that combine metrics from disparate systems. The end result is faster decision making using operational intelligence that blends supply with demand. Users have the ability to customize individual reports, drill down, filter, explore and pinpoint root cause analysis.