Market6 Releases New Suite of Solutions For Improved Retailer/Supplier Collaboration

Applications simplify, automate and standardize collaboration, to enable smarter planning and more efficient execution of high impact shopper centric merchandising plans.


DEERFIELD, IL–June 10, 2014– Market6®, a leading provider of web-based retail analytic applications, today announced the introduction of Market6 Vantage™.

Market6 Vantage™ is a suite of retail analytic applications that automate and simplify joint business planning and retailer/supplier collaboration. With Vantage™ retailers and their suppliers can streamline collaboration efforts to build and execute more effective and profitable shopper centric merchandising plans.

"Strategic planning and execution with suppliers allows retailers to better serve their target shopper and drive increased sales and gross profits," said Jim Kelly, CEO of Market6®. "Until now the strategic joint planning and execution process has been too resource and time intensive to implement widely. Vantage™ automates the preparation and on-going maintenance of joint plans, simplifies the collaboration process, and gives trading partners a single view of the actions against a plan to drive improved results."

From Negotiate to Collaborate: Changing the Retail/Supplier Relationship

With built-in demand driven forecasts, simulation models, and expected/actual analysis, Market6 Vantage™ gives retailers and suppliers smarter, forward looking insights to drive more accurate planning and execution. Market6 Vantage™ provides retailers and suppliers a single, fact-based view of the business, based on a common platform of integrated merchandising, shopper, market and operational data, and establishes a set of analytic-enriched measures and assessments as the basis for ongoing collaboration. Vantage's modules for historical analysis, future planning and execution tracking let users connect planning to execution, identify data-driven performance insights in real-time, and spot opportunities to fix problems in time to improve business outcomes.

As grocery capacity continues to grow faster than per capita demand, and non-traditional and online competitors further encroach on traditional grocer’s market share, the role of collaboration in helping retailers differentiate their brand for shoppers is growing.  "Consumers today expect not only a flawless shopping experience, complete with the perfect assortment of products, helpful friendly store personnel, and a convenient comfortable store atmosphere, but also prices that matches their expectations of value," said Kelly. "The only way retailers and suppliers can meet that increasingly high expectation is to work closely together to deepen their understanding of shoppers and deliver targeted merchandising programs that are more efficient and effective than in the past."


Market6 Vantage™ is generally available today. To learn more about how retailers and suppliers can transform their relationship towards "From Negotiation and to Collaborate," register for an interactive webinar with Market6 on Thursday July at 10th at 2:00 p.m. ET. Register here.

About Market6®

Market6® provides web-based retail analytic applications with advanced analytics built-in to effortlessly guide retailers and CPG companies to smarter, faster, more proactive operational decisions and actions every day for improved performance. Purpose-built to improve daily retail operations, Market6® delivers accurate daily forecasts on sales, gross margins and out of stocks at the item/store/day level allowing execution teams to quickly and easily know exactly what’s happening with their business in real time and how best to respond. Market6®  is used daily by one of the largest US supermarket chains and more than 475 of their CPG partners.  Market6® is headquartered in Deerfield, Ill. For more information or to request a demo, visit