Case Study | Land O' Lakes

Better Collaboration for Better Supply Chain Performance

Retailer and Land O' Lakes teams used the power of Market6 to:

  • Plan orders and shipments to perfectly match demand using DC and store-level daily inventory and demand forecast reports
  • Gain visibility into store-level promotion plans 3 weeks in advance


For a major national grocer and Land O' Lakes, efficiently matching supply with demand was a constant challenge. With limited visibility into DC and store-level inventory, as well as upcoming promotions, it was difficult for Land O' Lakes to anticipate new orders, reallocate supply or slow down shipments when needed resulting in higher OOSs and excessive inventory.


Using Market6, teams at the retailer and Land O' Lakes now have next-day visibility into stock levels and forecasted demand for all products in DCs and stores, along with visibility into upcoming promotions three weeks out. As a result, they are able to collaborate more effectively to plan orders and match shipments perfectly to demand -- especially important around key holiday promotions.


Using Market6, the retailer and Land O' Lakes have been able to grow butter category sales 3x faster than the market overall, while cutting OOSs during promotions by 47% and lowering post-promotion inventory levels by 50%