How To Guide:

Improve Performance Management with Advanced Analytics

This How To Guide includes:
  • Typical obstacles blocking effective performance measurement
  • How to get your data act together
  • How to use a unified view of the business to find new opportunities
  • Real World Example: Planning supply to meet promotional demand

The ability to measure and manage performance is the foundation of successful planning and execution. Market6 advanced analytics are driving a comprehensive transformation in this crucial area by providing unified and consistent metrics across retail business functions. It’s a quantum leap forward in the way information is managed at every level of the enterprise.

Until now, retailer’s efforts to improve performance measurement have often encountered significant obstacles including:

  • Multiple, separate departmental performance measurement processes and systems
  • Inconsistent data across performance management systems, leading to different observations of how the business is performing and what changes are needed
  • An internal culture of limited information sharing and non-aligned goals
  • Resistance to changing existing performance measurement processes 

In recent years however improvements in advanced analytic solutions are giving retailers a better way deploy performance management systems across teams. 

This How to Guide provides practical advice on how you can use advanced analytics to improve retail performance management.


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