How To Guide:

Overcome 5 Barriers to Inventory Optimization

This How To Guide Offers Next Step Actions To Overcome Barriers to Inventory Optimization:
  • Misaligned Goals of Retailers and Suppliers
  • Collaborative Monitoring of Supply Chain Execution Plans 
  • The Importance of In-Store Process Discipline
  • Uniform Measurement Standards and Processes 
  • Technology Alone Is Not Enough 

Never before have accurate inventory planning and management of inventory been more critical than in today’s super-competitive, customer-driven market. Yet, despite decades of effort, the twin problems of overstocks and out of stocks haven’t gotten much better. The generally accepted estimate that 8% of all products are out of stocks in the U.S. has held steady since the 1970s. i From the consumers’ perspective that means one out of every thirteen products will not be there when they want them. For items in top demand, the OOS percentage can be many times higher. ii 

While perfect inventory management is an impossible goal, continuously optimized inventory management is achievable now with the disciplined application of best practices and utilization of advanced data management tools.

This How To Guide looks at five key barriers companies face as they pursue better inventory management and some recommendations on how they can get there sooner. 


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