Inventory Management

Market6® allows CPG companies and Kroger improve inventory management leading to efficient retail operations, better merchandising and shopper focused in store execution. Without supply chain planning, retail inventory management can dramatically impact sales promotions and on-shelf availability.

Market6 solutions integrate supply chain data including DC inventory data. This provides supply managers, replenishment buyers, category managers and merchandisers with the unique ability to analyze metrics like days of supply alongside out of stock events, sales and demand forecasts. They can rapidly perform root cause analysis in support of operational excellence. Unified data, shared visibility and always-on web based solutions represent the foundation for new approaches in retailer-supplier collaboration.

Supply chain analysis has become an essential component of retail analytics. Inventory efficiency is a primary driver as grocers and suppliers work to improve the shopper experience. Without logistics and supply chain management, retailers operating on razor thin margins jeopardize trading partnerships.


  • Identify items that have critically low or high inventory levels based on days of supply thresholds
  • Analyze current or planned promotions while optimizing buying decisions to mitigate promotional out of stock and inventory overhang
  • Assess sales risk by measuring distribution center demand forecasts alongside products on order, delivery dates and the percent of stores with minimal days of supply
  • Drill down to identify inventory items at the store level that could contribute to out of stocks and reduced on-shelf availability
  • Use interactive data visualization to simultaneously analyze DC inventory and store inventory for each product over time
  • Measure inventory levels for specific products to quickly assess if low store inventory levels are a product of upstream low DC inventory levels or store authorizations

Key Features

Reduce Post Promotion Inventory

Category managers and supply managers can exit promotions cleanly without incurring unnecessary costs as they balance supply with demand.

Days of Supply Analysis

Pinpoint critically low inventory levels using DC information blended with data from the store - all on the same report.

Inventory Analysis & Demand Forecasting

Streamline communication and collaboration with trading partners using demand forecasting analysis and supply chain metrics together leading to more effective promotions and less inventory overhang.

Out of Stock Trends

Analyze out of trends over time by product and determine the root causes based on integrated data from inventory management systems, merchandising and point of sale systems.

Inventory Threshold Alerts

Automatically alert supply managers and replenishment buyers when inventory levels reach either low or high thresholds. Avoid excess costs and optimize sales promotions in the process.