There’s a new normal in the retail industry - unprecedented competition, a rising tide of new store formats, omni-channel and explosive new brand growth. These retail industry trends have led retail merchandising to rethink operational efficiency. Innovative pricing strategies, promotional strategy, new product launches, planograms and shelf facings are at the eye of the storm.

Market6®  Merchandising provides CPG companies and Kroger with data driven analytics to improve category management and collaboration. Retail merchandising and replenishment decisions are based on data analytics to anticipate out of stock problems, increase sales and gain shopper loyalty.


  • Share a single, fact based view of the same merchandising data including critical metrics on past performance and promotions
  • Forecast demand using fine grained detail by store-product-day and use those insights to predict out of stock problems before they impact the bottom line
  • Adjust the overall product mix though an analysis of dollar contributions

Key Features

Develop Pricing Strategies

Analyze retail pricing for each item to identify price gaps including variations in promotion prices across divisions.

Adjust Product Mix

Analyze dollar sales and item contributions in support of adjusting the overall product mix.

New Item Tracking & Impact Analysis

Determine if new item plans have met expectations while also tracking new item introductions through authorized stores, stores where delivery is confirmed, stores selling and the number of days to sell.

Measure Sales Performance

Drill into sales performance at granular levels to measure category, sub category, vendor, UPC and product performance. Identify operational issues including out of stock events, lost dollars and changes over time.

Identify Distribution Voids

Identify stores where product sales are expected and products are active in the DC  but units have not been sold or shipments received.