Market6 Solutions

Modern, web based approaches to retailer-supplier collaboration are solving stubborn problems in on-shelf availability, promotional effectiveness, inventory management, merchandising, planning & budgeting and daily in store execution. These solutions all leverage integrated data, shared visibility and streamlined business processes.

Market6 has designed these retail analytic solutions to meet the needs of category managers, supply managers, replenishment buyers and merchandisers. Learn how new retail solutions are changing the game for over 1,200 CPG companies and Kroger.

Market6 On-Shelf Availability Solution

On-Shelf Availability

Retailers are laser focused on reducing out of stocks. The best in the world are using advanced analytics and harmonized data - inventory, merchandising, point of sale and promotions - to dramatically minimize out of stocks and reach new heights in shopper satisfaction. Learn how advances in retail analytics are producing better results as retailer-supplier collaboration takes center stage.

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Market6 Promotional Effectiveness Solution

Promotional Effectiveness

Effective sales promotions connect the dots including inventory management, demand forecasts and trading partner collaboration. Improved promotional strategy, planning and execution allow retailers and suppliers to exit sales promotions cleanly yielding maximum revenue, unit sales and shopper satisfaction. Learn how Market6 allows retailers and suppliers to better collaborate and produce better promotional results.

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Market6 Inventory Management Solution

Inventory Management

Long gone are the days of analyzing inventory independently of sales. The two are inextricably tied as retailers and suppliers drive better decisions using integrated data that includes DC inventory, days of supply, delivery dates, out of stock trends and demand forecasts – all at the most granular levels imaginable. Over 1000 CPG companies and retailers have deployed inventory management solutions to reach new heights in retailer supplier collaboration. Learn how inventory efficiency is transforming retail.

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Market6 Merchandising Solution


Highly competitive markets characterized by eroding shopper loyalty and the pressure to execute every day, have merchandisers seeking innovative solutions to age old problems. Today, new forms of analytics are driving promotions, pricing strategies, planograms and shelf facings. Learn how Market6 retail analytics produces better merchandising results.

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Market6 Retail Planning and Budgeting Solution

Planning & Budgeting

CPG companies and retailers spend countless weeks and months building merchandising plans but are they truly collaborative? Do they go beyond historical assessments of performance to incorporate predictive analytics, simulation and the give-and-take needed in the collaborative planning and budgeting lifecycle? There’s a reason why supply managers, category managers and merchandisers from the leading retailers and suppliers are winning today. Learn how Market6 planning and budgeting can reinvent your business.

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Market6 In-Store Daily Execution Solution

In-Store Daily Execution

In store operational excellence equals shopper satisfaction. But effective new item introductions, events, displays and promotions are not as easy as you may think.  Today, time is more critical than ever as retail store managers and their supporting casts are pressed into duty from open to close. The work does not stop here. Learn how Market6 solutions are delivering on the promise of daily in store execution in support of delighted shoppers.

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