Planning & Budgeting

Market6® Planning and Budgeting allows Kroger and suppliers to easily develop data-driven budgets at multiple levels, collaborate to build smarter plans and track actual performance against budgets over time.

Today, CPG companies and retailers spend time developing merchandising plans amounting to little more than best guesses based on past performance. Supply managers, category managers and merchandisers, until now, have lacked the planning tools and predictive modeling capabilities needed to develop forward-looking plans and test how changing variables affect overall performance.

Market6 solves this problem by delivering a web based collaborative planning solution with powerful new simulation tools. This solution provides retailers and suppliers with the ability to test alternative planning scenarios, visualize predicted results and choose the best one.

Using worksheets, simulation models, tracking reports and analytics, Market6 improves retail operations. Now, the CPG industry can work closely with retailers through the entire budgeting lifecycle.  With Market6 Planning and Budgeting, trading partners quickly apply best practice workflows to develop, allocate and track budgets.


  • Ensure individual plans meet overall goals across product, time and location
  • Create simulations and plans based on actual, historical data and analytics
  • Compare the most recent performance to previous year for all budget entries
  • View weekly trend projections at the supplier-category-division level
  • Align retail and supplier budgets down to a granular level
  • Ensure individual plans meet overall goals across product, time and location

Key Features

Budgeting Input Worksheets

Provide a shared view of sales and gross margin growth goals for current and future fiscal years.

User-Specific Budget Views

Views specifically tailored to the role and scope of business. Retailers get access to detailed budgeting data for each vendor as well as aggregate budget data for the commodity as a wholeSuppliers gain detailed information across all divisions and weeks. 

Basic Budget Goal

Provided to all suppliers, acts as a starting point for broader budget development or a benchmark to track results.

Intelligent Input

Makes balancing the budget easy with key rules that will automatically fill in budget input based on the user.

Three-Year View of the Business

Gives users actual performance data drom last year through current year-to-date, as well as projected sales and margin results for the upcoming year.

Change Notifications

Automatically alert team members when something has been updated so Kroger and suppliers can stay in sync as they build a budget.

Gain Visibility and Control Over the Planning Process

Market6 Vantage Insight Module