Promotional Effectiveness

Market6® allows Kroger and CPG companies to plan, execute and track sales promotions more effectively. With Market6, category managers, inventory managers and merchandising experts build and execute promotional strategies designed to increase revenue, unit sales and trade promotion effectiveness.

Without accurate demand forecasting and integrated data from merchandising, inventory and point of sale systems, promotional effectiveness has been very difficult to achieve. Retailers and suppliers continue to experiment with many types of promotions but often don’t arrive at price points to optimize revenue and minimize promotional inventory overhang.

Market6 retail analytics solutions allow suppliers and retailers to analyze demand forecasts, and inventory levels during pre-promotion planning and post promotion results validation. Promotional effectiveness may be the single most important aspect in retailer-supplier collaboration yielding positive results for both organizations.


  • Plan promotions collaboratively taking into account days of supply, DC inventory, demand forecasts and historical post promotion analysis
  • Explore promotional data interactively through detailed analysis of category, sub category and product performance
  • Isolate specific root causes on why promotions succeeded or failed leading to action plans that improve retail operations and supply side support
  • Measure the “size of the prize” including which SKUs and geographies are most effected by promotions
  • Apply promotional insights to improve order quantity, promotional timing and offers that appeal to shoppers while also maximizing revenue and unit sales

Key Features

Assess Promotional Performance

Category managers and supply managers analyze all aspects of promotional performance to determine how effective past promotions were and plan their strategy moving forward.

Competitive Analysis

Suppliers can review how competitive promotions performed including sales dollars, gross margins or unit sales – all at granular levels by SKU, store or higher levels such as categories, regions and districts.  

Promotional Event Analysis

Retailers and suppliers can evaluate promotional events over time comparing actual promotional lift to expected lift. By incorporating region, product and vendor into the analysis, they determine exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Root Cause Analysis

Using shared data views, retailers and suppliers quickly identify the factors driving promotional effectiveness with an eye toward focusing on timing, location, price points or other attributes that can be used to optimize promotions.

Promotional Reporting

Generate and share upcoming promotion analysis including ad prices, promotional attributes, start and end dates. Promotional reporting extends to divisions and stores allowing for detailed reporting and shared visibility into upcoming promotions.

Alert Team Members

Automatically alert team members when significant elements of the promotion such as inventory levels and store authorizations are not at expected levels. Proactively address promotional requirements before they impact trading partners.